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Posted by Alvin Lim on

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  • Impressive customer service – good communication and careful packaging of my order. Extremely fast shipping. Very pleased – I will buy from AOF again.

    David Carley on
  • If you’re looking for high quality fishing tackle and a knowledgeable team to give you good advice for fishing related questions: AOF is the place for you!! These guys have been around for decades and they will have information and equipment whether you’re fishing in local waters or anywhere around the world. Come on down!

    Len on
  • AOF is my go to shop for all my fishing gears. Amazingly, they have so much quality gears under one roof. Almost if not all of my fishing buddies think so too. Alvin and Benjy are also active anglers and their procurement and constant field testings have resulted in them anchoring well known and proven brands of quality tackle for anglers. Congrats and a BIG Thank You, Alvin and Benjy!!!!

    Mike on
  • AOF offers a comprehensive range of tackle from major brands like Accurate, Decoy, Smith, Hots, just to name a few. Being in the fishing industry for years, you can count on their knowledgeable advice for your fishing tackle needs. Highly recommended!

    DL on
  • Anglers Outfitters has always been one of the premier tackle shop in Singapore. Alvin and Benji are a wealth of knowledge and are always willing to provide top advice and tips. They are simply the best stocked shop for Accurate, Decoy, Amagari, Hammerhead and Smith in the world. Their AOF branded products are also of very good quality with much field testing carried out. A must try product is my favourite- AOF candy. Now with the new website I do not need to wait till I head back home to Singapore to restock my tackle. Ordering and shipping to Australia is simple and quick. If there is something you want/ need that is not on the website, contact them and I am sure they would be able to assist you. I highly recommend trying them out.

    DARRYL Chew from Sydney on

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